About this study

Welcome to myCircadianClock. Research has shown that our daily eating, sleeping, and activity patterns can affect health and determine our long term risk for various diseases. This app is part of a research project which uses smartphones to advance research into biological rhythms in the real world, while also helping you understand your body’s rhythms.

myCircadianClock helps you keep track of daily behaviors important for maintaining a healthy life, such as eating, sleeping, moving, and taking supplements and medications. Data that you share through the app as part of a research study will help researchers understand how daily timing of the behaviors influence health and wellbeing. At the same time, the app provides personalized insights into your daily rhythms.

Who is running this study

The sponsor of this study is the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California.




Who is eligible to participate

This study is open to adults 18 years and older.

How this study works

myCircadianClock is a user-friendly app which tracks your daily eating, sleeping, and activity patterns.

  • Track everything you eat and drink. Yes, everything including a cup
    of water, handful of chips, a piece of a cookie, fruit, supplements,
    medicine, etc.
  • Log your activity and exercise.
  • Log when and how well you sleep.

Survey questions will periodically ask you about general health and how you feel about your overall quality of life.

Insights into your Circadian Clock: After at least 10 days of collecting data, myCircadianClock will start providing feedback about your eating, sleeping, and activity patterns.

Logging other health records. You may record your weight, blood glucose, and blood pressure periodically and track these health parameters over time if you wish. This is not a requirement of the study but may be helpful.

myCircadianClock encrypts your data, separates it from your identity, and aggregates your data to a secure research database for analysis. Additional details about how we protect study data as well as your identifiable information are outlined in the informed consent document. This research project will create an unprecedented database of daily behaviors and health status from people just like you. Studying real-world data will help researchers better understand the complex relationships between sleep, diet, and healthy living. It will also provide insight into how smartphones can enable new types of clinical research.

Because myCircadianClock is both an app and a research study, we will explain the risks and benefits of the study as part of an informed consent process.


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What happens next

next plan document

In the next pages you will answer two sets of brief questions to verify your eligibility.

next plan person

If you are eligible to participate, you will tell us a little about yourself.

next plan transfer

Next if you consent to participate, we will email you the study consent document and a unique activation code.

next plan iphone

You will download the app from Appstore or Google Play and use your email and code to activate the app.