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What are Circadian Rhythms?

Circadian rhythms are the daily time tables that are present in every cell of every organ in our body, including the brain. Circadian rhythms are the master program that instruct at what time of the day or night every brain chemical, every hormone, every enzyme rises and/or fall. These daily rhythms enable our brain and body to achieve their optimum performance at every hour of the day or night and allow our body to carry out its daily repair and rejuvenation. When we have broken circadian rhythms, the risk for many diseases including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, gut diseases, and cancer goes up. By nurturing our rhythms we can prevent, manage and even reverse many of these diseases.

How to nurture your rhythms?

When we eat, sleep and exercise shapes our rhythms. By timing these daily habits to the right time of our daily lives, we can have healthy rhythms. In this research study, we want to know how your daily habits of eating, sleeping and exercisizinge affects your health, Based on that, we will guide you to optimize these habits which in turn will optimize your rhythms so you can lead a long, healthy life.

Track everything you eat and drink

Food, beverages, and medications can influence your body’s circadian rhythms. Use the mCC app to log everything that you eat or drink to help us understand how the timing of food, beverages, and medication influences your circadian rhythms.

Track your exercise and Steps

Use the mCC app to log your exercise and sync the mCC app with Google Fit or Apple health kit to capture your daily step counts.

Track your Sleep

Use the mCC app to log your sleep time and quality.

And much more…

  • Medicine Reminder

    Timing of medicines and supplements matter. By sharing what medication and when you take them will help us gain better insight to optimal timing for meds and supplements. Along the way, set reminders so that you don’t miss your supplements and meds.

  • Water Reminder

    Hydration is an energy booster. If you often forget to hydrate enough, use the app to track and stay hydrated.

  • Health log

    You can help our research on how timing of food, sleep and exercise affects your health by periodically sharing your health measurements. They include body weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and a few more.

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